Ecommerce is a fastest growing industry today and in covid its exponential growth is seen. In the United States many businesses got suffered and closed down, only online stores and digital businesses not only survived but amazing growth can be seen.

In United States, the current ecommerce market $770 billion dollar with an increase of 45% contribution in retail sales currently in the covid season. Pre covid 15% of USA retail economy is shared by ecommerce and now the amazing growth is shown above.

Pre-covid its only $1 out of $2 spent in online buying, right now its every $1.6 out of $2 is utilized in ecommerce. Seems a great opportunity for those retail businesses who are struggling in the offline world and wants to accelerate their business.

In this huge ecommerce market, there are some major players taking over the market with amazing shares and contributions. Third party statics show that Amazon as a largest ecommerce company shares 55% of total ecommerce in United States, Ebay shares 19.7%, Walmart is about 7% share in total along with Facebook and Google equally contributing around 15-20% through ads and promotions deriving traffic to website ecommerce stores.

These statics are showing clear potential and massive opportunity in revolutionizing retail industry and make down fall businesses grow and scale like never before.

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