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Working at an intersection of technology and media, our expertise lie in the areas of Digital Strategy, Creative, Search Engines, Media, PR & Technology and beyond our services wing, there is an in-house venture arm that works on cutting edge solutions to fuel our own product initiatives.

Your Business is stuck offline, bring it Digital and Grow it.

In current covid19 pandemic, all industris suffer and unemployment is growing, in the same time we see growth in digital media only, education is online see zoom, amazon growth is at its peak. SMEs to large scale businesses which understands the potential of online world, is having great business in this pandemic time. Being Dorts Digital as your partner for growth, you can take your business to exponential growth.

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User Interface and User Experience creates brad understanding and decides flexibility for user

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First we get to the bottom of your customers’ needs through extensive user research, then we tailor a perfect visual representation of your idea from a simple sketch to a full-fledged prototype. We combine in-depth research with best design practices and tools to equip your product with the interaction experience, visual attractiveness, and emotional bonds your customers truly desire. We will analyze your business goals, the market, and target audience to help you build an irresistible value proposition backed by appealing visual aesthetics and data-informed user experience.

Branding and Strategy

Brand represents the product and the why behind it. A unique strategy accelerates your busienss

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We know that if companies want to thrive, and stay ahead, they have to continuously strive to build their brands. Even and especially when times are tough. The business of brand-building never stands still. Today’s business owners and marketers face an array of challenges, from converging sectors to globalization. From rise of startups and upstarts to continuous advancement in technology updates and a mix of communication channels, which is where Dorts Digital plays a critical role.

Content Development and Strategy

Content defines your product and strategy will make it more targeting and linear for customers

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We understand that content is the linchpin of successful marketing. It’s a critical aspect for driving online visibility, getting customer’s attention and providing valuable information to potential customers. But in this busy schedule, finding the time to develop original and unique ideas seem overwhelming and therefore it’s likely one of the lowest things on your priority list. That’s where Dorts Digital comes in to save your day. We’re digital marketing experts, and offer services of content marketing to make your marketing successful.

Social Media Marketing

Today, about more than 75% of the world use social media, reflects its importance for a business

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If you have a good business and missing social media presence, then you are missing maximum potential of getting sales. Our social media marketing experts are here to facilitate you to accelerate your business. We plan, make strategy and publish content to touch the targeting audience. We have command on all social media platforms like facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter, pinterest, youtube, tiktok, snapchat. We understand your business and target audience and figure out which social channel fits your business to accelerate with the target audience. If above is what you’re looking for in your digital partner being in a digital innovation company, drop us a note!

Web Development

Website Development is much more of a necessity as presentation is revenue.

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Our process is to derive the concept, design, code, test and launch to accelerate your business. We have a pool of expert developers working to make your experience best. Java, PHP, JS React and some popular languages we prefer to work on, along with laravel, Dot Net, Cake PHP. We work on popular content management systems likw wordpress, Magneto, Shopify to make your protfolio, corporate and ecommerce websites. If above is what you’re looking for in your digital partner being in a digital innovation company, drop us a note!


Ecommerce is the business today accelerating for growth tomorrow.

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We work on all ecommerce models, whether you are a B2B or B2C or B2B2C in business. If you are starting from scratch, you just get a product and we will handle the rest from store setup to content development to promotions and starts getting sales. If you don’t have product and stuck on what to sell, we’ll consult you and let us hunt products for you focusing on target market and you are good to go. We use popular frameworks to design your store, some are woocommerce, magneto, shopify and relevant similar cms. If above is what you’re looking for in your digital partner being in a digital innovation company, drop us a note!

Web App/App Development

Having presence digitally happens having a brand identity website and app accelerating Innovation

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From scratch to hatch, we are a professional web design and development company, with years of experience in building modern, dynamic and user-friendly websites that make your business stand out. We design and develop breakthrough web and mobile designs in light of most modern trends in web development. Our intelligent web designs developed with cutting-edge web development tools keep your business years ahead of your competitors. 

Regardless of the industry, your business belongs to you and your target audience and utilization of mobile app development tools will always help in increasing productivity, enhancing your business and improving your brand. It also makes your business more accessible to your target audience. People use their Smartphone for almost everything these days, whether they wish to book travel tickets or order food, shop online or even book hotels. Businesses are losing out an opportunity to attract approximately over 2 billion Smartphone users globally by not having mobile apps for Android or iOS. So what are you waiting for? Contact Pixels Logo Design today to get your customized business application. Our talented mobile app developers are experts in building apps for both platforms i.e. Android Application Development and iOS Application Development.

Email Marketing

Emails can be a great way to generate sales and retagreting your audience

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We design your email marketing campaigns to keep your customers upto date with ofers, opportuitoies and updates so you will not miss any chance to accelerate your business. Our experts design campaigns, content and use tools to collect database to expand your business to more sight.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google is the largest search engine and platform to promote your product through Google Ads PPC

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Pay Per Click (PPC) is the way to promote your business on search engines like Google. Today whatever we need we search on google about it. We have expert Google Ads consultants who knows how to market your product targeting the reight audience. We design google ads campaigns covering all aspects and make sure that you get the more you spend and accelerate your business.

Audience Analytics

Analyse your website traffic, performace, ROI with our Google Analytics expert analyisis and services

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Google Analytics is one of largest analytics tool used by businesses to measure their performance by analysing their website traffic, app performace, ROI and relevant parameters to understand growth of your business. For this, you need to know the details of what people do when they visit your website, how long they stay and what all pages do they visit on your website. Irrespective of whether you are ecommerce website or an informative blog, you would definitely want to understand and study the behaviour of your visitors to deliver better results.

Search Engine Optimization

Google is the largest search engine today. Be on its first page to accelerate your business

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Our pool of SEO experts analyse your business by checking consumers, competitors and your business stratgeis and we do keyword research and optimize you website and social media by creating meta tags, image optimization and inclusion of anchors. From installation of google analytics to google web master, creation, link building and checking analytics and reports to keep up to date and plan strategies to make sure to be on top search results organically to accelertae your business.

QA Testing

We guarantee the quality of your technologies and initiatives to ensure flawless customer experience.

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Influencer Management & Marketing

Influencer are stars today touching lives by inspiring our community.

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Are you an influencer looking to reach people and inspire? Or are you looking to market your product through influencers and accelertae your sales? We know the answer to your solution. We have a pool of experts who can lead your social accounts and consult you wiith content strategies to increase your reach and following. For your ecommerce product, we have hundred’s of influencers on board having thousands of following in your particular niches, providing you boost in sales by promoting your business.

Content Management System

CMS is the way for your business to get digital and create an ecosystem for your connected people

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In this digital world, scaling is happening at a great pace. We understand that a system is to be under an umbrella is the growth hacking startegy for your business. We have ERP solutions having designed mindest to cover your business needs relevant to the industry helping you to automate and hastle free work routine to carry on and make growth by saving time and making efforts more productively.

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